One man’s trash …

Al Karaana Lagoon
Magnificent Jewels

There are a lot of exciting art exhibits in Doha right now, as the weather starts to cool (slightly) and the summer season comes to an end at last. This evening we visited Scrap Art 2019 at Souq Waqif, a display of sculptures “based on the concept of re-purposing scrap materials and waste to create art”. Some 30 renowned artists from 15 countries (including one from Australia) were flown in for this event. There must have been close to 300 pieces, and almost all of them were exquisite. Made of scrap metal, old bike parts, cutlery, gears, chains, musical instruments and all sorts of found objects, these artists  have succeeded in turning discarded waste into objects of beauty. Many of the artists were present, and were very happy for a chat or a photo. If you have a few thousand spare riyals, all of the works are for sale. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Here are some photos. If you are in Doha, get down there fast because it closes this coming Saturday. If not, I hope you enjoy the photos.


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