The National Museum of Qatar

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Having watched the construction of the new National Museum of Qatar (from the sidelines) for the past almost 5 years, we had to see it as soon as it opened. It is an architectural marvel, a one of a kind building that is stunning, inside and out. I was not sure what to expect of the exhibits themselves, but we were completely wowed.

There are lots of artifacts, really creatively displayed in glass free-standing cases. All the internal walls are curved, and there are films projected onto them related to the subject of each gallery so that you feel completely immersed in the theme, as well as other interactive technology displays and innovative ways of telling the stories. There are staff everywhere who are helpful and well informed. I could not find a fault.

We stayed till closing time, and will definitely be back again and again. It was crowded, but we didn’t have trouble seeing everything we wanted to see. I’m sure the crowds will die down soon.

Here are a few random pics to give you a taste of what the museum has to offer, but if you are in Doha (or planning a visit soon!) this is a must see place.


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