Happy National Day, Norway

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Today, May 17, is Norway’s National Day, which commemorates the signing of the Norwegian constitution in 1814. Interestingly while most countries celebrate their national days with military parades, Norway’s parades celebrate children. Many people wear their traditional national outfits, wave flags and banners and celebrate enthusiastically. Eidfjord, where we spent today, is a small town of around 1000 people, and I think everyone turned out for the parade!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our day started very early as we (and many others) headed on deck at 5:30 to watch the ship sailing up the Fjord to Eidfjord. Just stunningly beautiful! Well worth the sleep deficit!


After breakfast we piled onto a bus for the first of two excursions for the day. This is such a picturesque part of the world. We just kept coming across one picture postcard scene after another. It feels like bragging if I tell you we had another day of perfect weather, but the photos will tell the story.

The Vøringfossen waterfall is one of the most famous in Norway. Even though Wikipedia says it is only the 83rd highest it was certainly striking and dramatic. It was really more a collection of falls, strengthened by the spring snow melt. A walkway takes you right over the top of the falls, and it was just breath-taking. The photos don’t come close to doing it justice.


Sysendammen is a man-made lake supplying the nearby hydro-electric power plant. From the dam wall we could only stare open mouthed at the classic scene of snow-covered mountains and clear blue sky reflecting in the blue waters of the lake. 2 weeks ago the lake was frozen, we were told, but today it was sparkling and the bluest of blue with only a small amount of floating ice.

The visit to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre was a little underwhelming. We were ushered into a theatre for and “inspiring super-video” which was impressive but far too long. On 5 huge screens a single image was projected as if flying over the region’s natural beauty. The little attached museum deserved more time. If you’re going there with limited time I recommend skipping the video. There were some cute goats on the turf roof though!


We got back to the ship in time for the National Day Parade in Eidfjord. It was fun to watch and we were lucky to be in Norway on their special day.


After lunch on board, we visited an apple cider farm (Hardanger Saft -og Siderfabrikk). We enjoyed meeting some locals and learning a bit more about life in this remote region. Fruit-growing was introduced into Norway by English monks in the 10th century. Apparently apples grow very well here in the long summer days, and we did get to taste apple juice, cider & liqueur, and a very nice apple brandy. To everyone’s disappointment, they are not allowed to sell on Sundays and public holidays, so we had to be content with generous tastings. The drive there and back was incredibly scenic (I feel like I’m repeating myself, but it’s true).


Oh, and the Eidfordians are into yarn-bombing too!


6 thoughts on “Happy National Day, Norway

  1. Fantastic scenery! How refreshing celebrating the children and therefore the future rather than the past. So lucky t be there on the Amy!

    1. We were lucky to be here on that day. And I learned today that the constitution was actually signed in Eidfjord, so we were really in the right place. And yes, very refreshing. A lot to like about Norway.

  2. Don’t know where Amy came from. Meant to say “to be there on the day” 😂

  3. What stunning scenery, and Photographs! You’re seeing so many beautiful, interesting things. It was good you were there for the National Day. Sounds like standing outside and taking in the sights was better than watching the video.

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