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We went to visit the new Qatar National Library (QNL) on the weekend. Oh my!! What a spectacular building!! It’s my new favourite place in Doha. Ultra-modern, high-tech and absolutely beautiful. These photos don’t do it justice – but I don’t think any photos can capture the sensation of the soaring ceilings, elegant lines and quality finishes.

It is a library (there are over 1 million books, as well as digital media, periodicals & more) but also an exhibition space with permanent displays of Qatari heritage as well as regular exhibitions and lectures. The collection of books is impressive and covers a vast breadth of topics in English (mostly), Arabic and other languages.

I can see myself visiting often.

From the QNL Website:


To be one of the world’s preeminent centers of learning, research, and culture; a guardian of the region’s heritage; and an institution that promotes discovery and the nourishment of the human spirit.


The Qatar National Library’s mission is to spread knowledge, nurture imagination, cultivate creativity, and preserve the nation’s heritage for the future.

QNL will achieve its mission by creating and sustaining an intuitive and trusted information environment in a culturally and technologically superior setting and by developing innovative programs and services.

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