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Museum of London
Roses in the Desert

Since I have apparently become the world’s worst blogger, you may think nothing of interest has been happening lately. However you would be wrong. Life is full of adventures!

Since my son Joel is a much more faithful blogger than I am, obviously, and since he is visiting us at the moment, I thought you might like to follow his blog to find out what we have been up to – at least for the past few weeks.

Here’s the link – The Pearl and the Queen

PS. As you might guess from the photo above, we are in Venice this week. And loving it.

3 thoughts on “Read all about it

  1. I have been reading Joel’s blog, thanks. It’s very interesting. Just read about getting around, and the Doge’s palace, the other buildings etc. The biggest difference I find between Joel’s and your blog is he seems to have an inordinate passion about the new foods he’s eating!!

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