Aqaba to Wadi Rum

From Madaba to the Dead Sea

Aqaba, on the shores of the Red Sea, is a resort town & major port. We spent a pleasant few hours at a beach club, where Keith & Rob went snorkelling and I enjoyed a banana lounge under the palm frond umbrella.

First sight of the Red Sea, at Aqaba

Relaxing on the beach at Aqaba

Keith and Rob snorkelling in the Red Sea.

Wadi Rum, incredibly beautiful desert landscape where Lawrence of Arabia and The Martian were filmed. We drove on the back of 4WD vehicles through the desert for a few hours, then had a traditional Bedouin dinner at a campsite (lamb buried in the ground with hot coals all day – mmmm) and star-gazed at the desert sky.

Wadi Rum – this is how we travelled! No OH&S here!

Rock formation called the Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Some energetic folk climbed this sand dune – much higher and steeper than it looked. Someone had to stay below to take the photos!

Rob getting the best view

Nabatean petroglyphs

Wadi Rum – chasing the sunset at breakneck speed.

Wadi Rum – The sunset was worth it!

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