Jordan: A Whirlwind Tour

On the road again
From Madaba to the Dead Sea

Keith, Rob & I have just returned from a too short trip to Jordan. We absolutely loved it!! We hired a private tour guide (from Jordan Direct Tours – highly recommended, if you’re thinking of going) who organised everything for us, drove us everywhere and enabled us to see a lot more in 4 days than we ever would have managed ourselves.

On day 1 we visited:

  • Jerash – “the best preserved Roman provincial town in the world” (so they say). Fascinating to wander around the remains of a once great city. Very evocative.

Hadrian’s Arch

Just a few spare bits of Roman stone

A Roman road

A mosaic floor in early Byzantine church

Goats grazing among the ruins

A butcher shop

Roman colonnaded street

Chariot wheel ruts on the Roman road

Jerash – the gate to the city

  • We had lunch at the ‘Mountain Breeze Country Club’ in the picturesque Jordanian highlands, lovely views, very green (the views, not the lunch!)

  • We visited a shrine alleged to be the grave of Joshua. Who knows if it is really him in there, but it was certainly in the general vicinity of where he died.

  • Amman Citadel – the remains of the ancient city of Rabbath-Ammon, the ancient royal city of the Ammonites, and the foundation of modern Amman. Fascinating ruins and fabulous views of Amman.

The Citadel – Roman ruins

The Citadel – Roman ruins & a nice evening sky

Amman – view from the Citadel

In the small museum – known as the Ayn Ghazal statues, they are allegedly amongst the oldest known human sculptures, dating from around 6500 BCE

7 thoughts on “Jordan: A Whirlwind Tour

  1. Shelley, I love living adventure through your travels. My brother visited Petra earlier this year and at first was hesitant to hire a donkey, but was so glad he made that decision. He saw parts of the ruins he would never have been able to see otherwise. Your pictures are amazing!

  2. Thank you so much, Shelley! The ruins fill me with great longing – I did early ancient and roman history at uni. We’ll hopefully get there one day but, in the meantime, we have your wonderful photos 🙂 our love and great big hugs to you and Keith

  3. Hi Shelley, great to hear about your trip into Jordan. It seems fascinating. Good the three of you could experience it together too. Wonderful photos! Helen

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