Did I mention it is hot?

Settling in
I'm an ex-pat now.

Given that we arrived in Doha in the summer we expected it to be hot. And it is. Very hot. The temperature has rarely been below 40°C (104°F) since we arrived. But despite the warnings of terrible humidity we have found it to be a dry heat, which is tolerable – for short periods of time at least.

Until last evening.

We left the apartment to walk the 2 blocks to the mall, and felt like we had stepped into a steam room. 40° with 25% humidity in the morning was bearable, 40° and 80% humidity was something else altogether. I think it is going to be a long summer!

The melting ice cream truck is a sculpture titled Hot With The Chance of Late Storm that was unveiled at the 2006 Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney.


3 thoughts on “Did I mention it is hot?

  1. What a great image to describe the heat and how it must feel, I now how much you enjoy those kinds of conditions -NOT.
    Thankfully your apartment looks comfortably cool!

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