Short post, long drive.

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It will be a short post today. Nothing exciting to report!!

Given the ongoing troubles in Taksim Square, the Avis office arranged to deliver our rental car to us at the hotel. This was very helpful and a great relief, though did mean we would have to negotiate those narrow winding chaotic streets on our own! Dad drove first, and actually managed extremely well. Unfortunately we were given conflicting directions and chose the wrong one to believe, so wasted about 90 minutes driving through bumper to bumper traffic in the wrong direction and back again. Once we found the right route we just drove and drove and then drove some more. Once we got well away from Istanbul the traffic eased, but the roads  became more narrow and winding, and there was a lot of roadwork. Take into account crazy local drivers, the fact that I haven’t driven a manual car in years, and that they drive on the opposite side of the road here and you get the picture of what a fun day we had!

We arrived at ‘Gallipoli Houses Hotel’ at 6pm, to find a really lovely home, a spacious comfortable room and a really nice view. Dinner was spectacular – a four course extravaganza finishing with possibly the best ice-cream I’ve ever eaten. Also they have the biggest bees here I’ve ever seen. And a cat.

2 thoughts on “Short post, long drive.

  1. Oh dear – that traffic sounds horrible. And the winding roads reminds me of New Zealand. Stay safe!

    1. Thanks Jean! I would be surprised if the NZ roads were not in better condition than these ones! All part of the adventure of travel!

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