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Should be a pretty short post today, as we spent most of the day in transit.

We started ridiculously early with a 5.15am pickup at our hotel. We were taken by minibus to the wharf, where a water taxi took us to our boat for the 3 hour crossing back to Baltra Island and the International Airport. The flight back to Quito (with a refuelling stop in Guayaquil) was smooth, and after a bus ride from the airport (squished onto the bus with all our luggage) we finally arrived at the hotel at around 5pm.

We are staying in a Best Western Hotel, and it is very comfortable. We have a little suite, with a bedroom, bathroom (with spa) and a small sitting room, and walk in wardrobe. The lap of luxury. It’s not the quietest place as there have been loud functions on each night, but at least there isn’t the street noise we had in Guayaquil.

After a meet up in the hotel bar, we headed to a nearby Argentinian steakhouse for dinner. Keith and I ordered a shared platter of meats for 2. Unfortunately our Spanish wasn’t good enough to translate all the ‘meats’ on the platter, many of which were unidentified squishy things that clearly were internal organs of some kind. Fortunately there was way too much food on the platter, so we ate our fill of steak, which was delicious.

Looking forward to a couple of days in Quito, then to Galveston Texas.

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